Independent Sponsor Finance

The Independent Sponsor Finance vertical focuses on providing comprehensive “one-stop” solutions for independent sponsors seeking both debt and equity financing for acquisitions and recapitalizations. Monroe offers independent sponsors an efficient path for raising capital and a high degree of certainty in completing transactions. Monroe represents an excellent strategic partner capable of funding future growth while utilizing the most flexible, cost-effective capital structures. The team seeks to partner with independent sponsors with a proven track record of creating realized equity value. Our independent sponsor initiative combines Monroe’s rich history as a premier leverage lender with the extensive investing experience of seasoned private equity professionals.


Company Criteria

·  EBITDA of $3 million and greater
·   Historical & projected growth
·   Solid industry fundamentals
·   Diversified customer base

Transaction Criteria

Control or minority investments
·   $10+ million in enterprise value
·   $2+ million in Monroe equity per transaction
·    Monroe to provide senior debt


"One-Stop” Debt & Equity Solutions

        Efficient and cost-effective path for independent sponsors looking to raise both debt & equity capital

Attractive Sponsor Economics

        Monroe offers independent sponsors with preferable economics (closing fees, annual management fees and promote structures)

Attractive Sponsor Governance

        Flexible governance that preserves the ability for independent sponsors to retain control

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